Friday, 22 November 2013

Fashion Friday - Nautical Dream

A golden glow settled in the blue mist above us. Crisp, refreshing gusts of wind through our long locks of hair. Blue skies, void of clouds. Smooth, tranquil waters glisten in the suns warmth. Critters hidden beneath the quell, salty waters. Popsicles reviving our parched, sun-dusted bodies. Feel-good tunes on full blast. Smiles and Hellos to perfect strangers. Sharing this splendid day with my finest comrade.

What a perfect day to shoot my OOTD with my gorgeous friend Joanna!

Navy Chiffon Shirt - Target $8.00 § Striped Shorts - Just Jeans $15.00 § Crochet Wedges - The Warehouse $12.00 § Shoulder Bag - Thrifted $6.00 § Sun Hat - Thrifted $1.00 § Lovebird Ring Bracelet - Diva $10.00

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fashion Friday - Vintage Picnic

Good afternoon lovelies...

Today I spent the sunlight with three of my prodigious companions. We went to Wenderholm Regional Park where we laid out our tapestry and cushions and had ourselves a scrumptious picnic. It was such a charming day. We ended up venturing around the entire park and discovered a lavish vintage homestead. We acquired this opportunity to take some enchanting photography. We ended up roaming around the remarkable beach, enclosed within two breathtaking cliffs and took photos of our outfits of the day.

Here are some photo's from our adventure. Enjoy. :) x

Sun Hat - Thrifted $2.00 † Sun Glasses - Thrifted $3.00 † Neclace - Thrifted .50¢ † Leather Shoes - Thrifted $3.00 † Frilly Socks - Glassons $6.00 † Oversized Jumper - Cotton On $10.00 † Floral Dress - Hand me down $0.00 †

Peeping through the window.

 Having a Laugh.

Found this little guy under the rocks.

 I had the most amazing day with these lovely girlies! Bless them. x

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