Monday, 16 December 2013

Fashion Friday - Moon Child

Black Magic vs. White Magic
Photography by JoJo Nouveau

The candle lights flicker in the slow breeze, 
But only in the shadows past the gates is all I can see, 

The negative energy flows at it’s low vibrant rates, 

While the vision beyond is darkened beyond the gates, 

The spirits beyond the mortal realms consume the energy from evil intention, 

As black magic flows beyond Earth’s dimension, 

But only temporarily, the energy is so very potent, 

While the chaos of black magic destroys all hope of glee in the moment, 

The energy buffers as the ritual of black magic takes place, 

Only little time before the magic takes launch in light speed haste, 

Suddenly the pentagram is flipped upside down, 

and fires rage from the ground, 

The energy sent from beyond Earth’s realm is potent all around

The wicked spirits of evil send the message to feed them more, 

As the energy comes back around, the black magic witch burns from the blazing floor, 

The candle light flickers before the gate, as the black magic stays potent, nevermore. 

Dress - thrifted + Hat - Cotton On + Shoes - thrifted + Necklace - thrifted

 You shall always find light amongst the darkness.

Dress - thrifted + Crochet cardi - thrifted + Shoes - thrifted + Necklace - thrifted

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  1. Such a beauty!Loved taking photos with you. That poem is enchanting!

  2. Thanks so much! I love taking themed photo shoots with you! :) x