Saturday, 25 January 2014

Fashion Friday - 1940's Vintage

She was a business woman, a journalist, wanting to escape the rush of city life. She found refuge in a secret garden, thus of the "Winter Gardens." As she foraged deeper into the luscious garden of wild flowers and ferns she found her self letting go of her stress and her worries. This is where she was mean't to be. She was now one with nature.

Navy Blue Skirt - Thrifted ($4.00) + Cream Blouse - Thrifted ($2.50) + Leather Bag - Thrifted ($6.00) + 1940's Sunglasses - Thrifted ($4.00) + Pink Floppy Hat -Thrifted ($3.00) + Leather Strap Heels - Thrifted ($8.00) + Pearl Bracelets - Thrifted ($2.00)


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  2. You are so graceful my dear. Love the backstory xx

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