Saturday, 27 April 2013

DIY - Boho Feather Decor

Today I have made these fun boho feather decorations! They are super easy and are a fun thing to do to pass time. If you would like to learn how I made these then just scroll down...

You will need:

1. Acrylic Paint
2. Brushes
3. Paint palette
4. Feathers
5. Scissors
6. Jar of water
7. String
8. Paper towel

Now you can begin painting! I started with a dark red colour at the bottom and blended it into a yellow at the top. This part is really easy, you can paint the feathers whatever colour you prefer :)

Once dried, you can go over the feather with different tribal patterns, I like to use either white or black paint for this part as it stands out better!

Continue Painting other feathers! :) Once done, you can tie string to the ends of the feather.

Now just leave to dry! You can use these feathers, not just for decoration but to accessorise as well :)

Thank you so much for checking out my blog!
If you would like to see my YouTube tutorial on this then just click here...

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea! I could put feathers every where if my husband would let me. haha