Friday, 30 August 2013

DIY - Beer Crate Shelves

Last week I created these neat shelves using old wooden beer crates. I found a bunch of these crates under the house and thought I should do something useful with them, instead of letting them rot away. So I turned them into shelves!

I firstly had to clean the crates, they were covered in cob webs and dirt...

Then I was able to paint them, I decided to white wash them because I wanted the "ABC" logo to show through. I wanted to keep it the way it was, I like it's originality and rustic look it gives!

After the crates dried I then screwed them to the wall. Make sure you screw the crates into the wood behind the wall, you don't want it just going through jib, otherwise the crates will not be strong enough to hold anything, especially books.

And that's it! Easy peasy! I'm so pleased with the turn out and it only took about 2 days to complete. :)

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