Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lost in City Wonders

Hey everyone! Last weekend my Fiancé and I went to the city for a weekend away together. being so busy with work and a house full of people we were desperate to get away for a little while, and we definitely deserved it!

It was so much fun! We ended up booking into a Hotel in central Auckland for only half the price by using a special discount we found on Grabone.co.nz. Then, we found another discount on the same website for this amazing restaurant called 'Limon', they had delicious food and it was right on the water front!

Even though it was raining that Saturday we still had an amazing time! (Sunday made up for the bad weather, it was super sunny!), After dinner we decided to go see a movie "We're The Millers"... and Ohhh my goodness, it is hilarious, I did not stop laughing throughout the entire movie! I recommend you guys go see it! :) We had to wait half an hour before the movie started so we wasted time by playing on the gaming machines, where I won myself a Minion! Yes! That's right, a Minion from Despicable Me. I was super happy, I have wanted one for so long and finally my dream came true! That was definitely a highlight for me that night! :)

Sunday morning... we had a scrumptious buffet breakfast for free! We woke up extra early just so we could get there in time for all the fresh goodies. :) Later, we went for a walk just roaming through the city. We went to a few Japanese Dollar stores just for fun, they have some fun things and also some great beauty products as well! Then we went to Farmers and I bought myself two of Maybelline's 24HR Color Tattoo's in the colours Barely Branded & Tough as Taupe, they were only $16.50 each!

For lunch we went to this yummy Korean restaurant where you cook your own food on a small barbecue that they have built into your table. I thought that was such a neat idea and the food was delicious! It was kind of like a buffet and was only $20 per person! :D

After stuffing our faces with scrumptious BBQ, we decided to go get some ice cream. I got Watermelon sorbet and Bill got Pistachio ice cream, which was amazing! We then walked down to the waterfront, and there just so happened to be a market! It was Auckland's Tourist Market. There was tonnes of food there that it smelt delicious but Bill and I were too full of BBQ and ice cream to eat any more! But we did however get our portraits drawn by this amazing, talented man named Barry Hollands. We only had to sit still for about 2 minutes and from there he drew our portraits. It took him about 30mins-1hr to complete the drawing and I filmed the entire thing! Barry has been drawing for over 20 years and just started up his stall at The Auckland Tourist Markets, however he is always at the Waiheki Markets in the weekends. He is a very talented, funny and happy man! We will definitely be visiting him on Waiheki another time and most likely getting our portrait done again! Thanks so much Barry C. Hollands for the wonderful drawing, you're a very talented man!

And that concludes our weekend away. We caught the bus home at around 4:15pm, I fell asleep for most the ride :p

I had so much fun last weekend, just relaxing and discovering neat little places and people! When you're stressed or need a break it's okay to splash out on a weekend away and spend some time with your hubby! :)

Some Photo's from our Adventure...

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